​Lee and Pat like to play, but they also like to learn. However, their very clever dog, Kim, may be learning even more than the children!​


Lee has a friend

​​​BOOK 2:

Lee and Pat like to play

word by word book series

Lee and Pat go to school and so does their dog, Kim. This dog likes school so much that he takes part in all the lessons and games with the children. 


Pat's Birthday

In this book we meet Tom. Tom is Lee's new friend. Lee really likes his new friend and takes him home so they can play and have dinner together. Tom really likes Lee's house. He likes Lee's mommy and daddy. He likes Lee's dog and he really, really likes the food in Lee's house.

Lee and Pat had another very busy week. They did a lot of shopping and went to lots of shops.

Lee and Pat have a very good week and a very busy week. Every day, they visit some new and interesting place to explore and learn about. 


Lee and Pat go with Daddy

​​​​BOOK 10:

All About Animals

This is a very special time for Pat. It is nearly her birthday, and all her friends are coming to her birthday party. Some of Lee's friends will be there, too.


A very good week

Lee and Pat can go in the car with Daddy. But what about Kim, the dog? What about Pat's cat? Lee is not happy. Lee does not like Pat's cat and he does not want it to go in the car.​


Lee and Pat like animals

BOOK 11:

Our World

Graded English Readers for Children


Lee and Pat go to school


Lee and Pat really like animals. They like animals, and they have some animals that they look after in their garden. Lee has some chickens, and Pat has a duck. Pat’s duck is very special. This duck thinks it is the same as Pat. It thinks it is a girl. It thinks it is a girl, and it likes to go with Pat everywhere Pat goes. This duck even goes to school with the other children! 

We meet Lee, Pat and their very clever dog Kim. This dog is so clever he can even READ what the children write!

BOOK 12:

All about people


Let's go shopping